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Maria Monk 1836 Anno Dominate

Plate glass and paradise paint, borosillicate and soft glass, photographically laser etched glass, UV glue, mixed media 2006
30" x 12" x 12"

I read a book called 'The awful disclosures of Maria Monk'; it was written in the 1830's by an actual nun regarding her experiences in the convent. This book was both interesting and shocking. At the time, the church renounced everything that she had written, calling her a liar.
Upon finishing the book, I could not tell if it was a work of fiction or ultimately the truth, but it inspired this piece of work. It is a work of fantasy; but with a contemporary twist as it invites the viewer to question the secrecy of the church in today's society.

I went to Prague, and whilst I was there I had my very own 'Shelagh na gog' laser etched into glass, to symbolise the irony that a great deal of Christian imagery is taken directly from many ancient Pagan religions and beliefs. You can see the 'Shelagh' nestling in the basement, beside the current article about abuse in the church from 'The Times' newspaper dated March 2006.

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