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Spirit of the Angus


Sandcast glass with flameworked inclusions

16" x 5.5" x 2.5"

This piece was commissioned from me by a farmer who breeds prize winning cows. He asked me to make him something related to this theme. After speaking with him, I realised that he related to the world using his cows as examples of human behaviour, especially the characteristics of women. It was quite apparent that he adored his cows over most other things, and he had obviously been hurt by the women in his life.

This piece became homage to his love of cows. She has taken on the form of an Egyptian goddess, his ideal of woman. She wears a garland round her neck to symbolise sacrifice, (Egyptian symbol) she is multi-breasted to symbolise nurture. She is blue to continue with the Egyptian theme, but to also initiate the response of relaxation. Finally to tie in with the fact that this piece is about the Isle of Man where I and the farmer come from, the rest of her body is a tree. The branches of trees on are our coastline get blown so much by the wind that they grow to look as if they are being constantly blown inland, this symbolises the ultimate control this benevolent farmer has over his cows.

The piece was highly polished on either side and mounted on stone.

This work is sold. It will take time to recreate a similar piece. To receive more details and specific time scale, email me.

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