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Welcome to Julie Anne
Denton's official artistic

“My work like life, takes on two different guises… good and evil, Euphoric and Dysphonic, God and Devil. These contradictions are a given, and are something we all deal with every day of our lives. I enjoy taking a beautiful medium such as glass and shamelessly contorting it to create scenes of humour and horror; and contrarily, I like to exact simple and elegant designs to sate my need for the divine..

My aim is to make you laugh, make you think, have a great time doing it and keep myself sane by giving in to my darker self!”

Before you delve into this website, some words of advice... As previously stated, my work seems to take on two opposed, yet intrinsically linked guises. Therefore the website has been split into two parts. Euphoria (Innocence) and Dysphoria (Experience).

If easily offended please don't delve into Dysphoria, as it can be unnerving. Almost all of the works can be viewed on either side, but with some alterations. There is a small icon on the right hand side of each page; should you click it, you shall be whisked to its counter page.

Feel free to contact me with any feedback, queries regarding what you see, delivery times of work, postage costs etc… And I will contact you presently. Mostly I wish you to enjoy this site, question your feelings, visit again and tell your friends.

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